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Madonna Girls’ Secondary School Umunze is a brainchild of the AkpuRegional C.W.O, who in 1995 established the school with the sole purpose of recapturing in an academic environment, the waning dignity of womanhood. The staggering rise in moral depravity and its negative impacts, evident in some reckless living among most women necessitated a place of formation solely for young girls. The bid is to catch them young. The school was also founded in the spirit of the saintly practice of Blessed Cyprain Michael Iwene Tansi, who as a onetime parish priest of Akpu, isolated and schooled newly married women for the greater role of responsible motherhood. These form the background to the emergence of the school with mission and vision as: Integrated Moral, academic, cultural and child-centred formation. Madonna is not open to day students. It is a 100% boarding school, exclusively for girls who are ready for the rigours of academic and moral formations. The school has a very good and conducive environment for serious academic business. It has a big and modern two storey hostel complex, well furnished and well ventilated. Each of the eight big hostel rooms has a resident teacher’s apartment. A resident teacher’s presence in each of the hostel rooms helps to maintain discipline, gives students confidence, checks and enables easy arrest of possible emergencies. The school has two efficiently working water bore holes that supply water to the school. The drinking water available to the students are sterilised and filtered by the Ora Pro Nobis table water company attached to the school. A 25KVA generating set is always on standby to meet the power exigencies. Our students have three square meals in a well furnished and spaced dining hall, where all table etiquettes are taught and learnt. The DSTV cable distributed to four strategic places in the refectory gives students access to the world news, such that they are always abreast of the happenings around them. Madonna Girls Secondary School Umunze has a rectory, with a resident priest who is the manager of the school. His presence in the school assures the daily Eucharistic celebration and other sacraments for the students. The school right from its inception has always enjoyed the devoted services of seasoned teachers and principals. The pioneer principal of the school was Rev. Sr. M.F.T Obasi (1995 – 1997). Other principals after her were: Rev.. Sr. M.F.R Ojiakor (1997 -1999), Rev. Sr. Anyanwu (1999 – 2003), Rev. Sr. M. O. Nwosu(2003 – 2004). The present principal Lady J.O. Sobah took the office in May 2005 to date. The Catholic diocese of Awka officially took over the management of the school at the request of the C.W.O of Akpu region in 2008. Rev. Fr. Oli Michael was sent as the pioneer resident manager and chaplain of the school. He served from 2008 to January 2015. Rev. Fr. Okafor Theophine took over the management of the school for only seven months. (January 2015 to August 2015). The present manager and chaplain, Rev. Fr. Onyebuchi Paul (1) took over from Rev. Fr. Theophine from August 2015 to date. Madonna Girls’ Secondary School Umunze is a home away from home for good and scholarly inclined girls. It is a moral, cultural and academic haven for girls with great and noble dreams. It is a citadel of thorough learning, and passionately resistant to mediocrity


To provide an academic environment where students are inspired with deep-seated interest for excellence. At the end to achieve success, parental joy, staff accomplishment and societal well-being.


Madonna Girls Secondary School is committed to provide maximum educational room for all student, to enable them build a brighter future for themselves through stimulating academic forum to meet up to current status Quo Via combined effort of the staff and students


Our Curriculum is based on the National philosophy on education integrated with British and American curriculum. it's practical aspect is based on Maria Montessori system of education, whereby the child is guided, directed, supervised and allowed to discover and acquire learning experiences under guided and conducive learning environment.

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Rev. Fr. Levi Ndubisi Ukor

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